About us

Post 21 was created by a Mother-Daughter duo who for years, wanted a comprehensive marketplace that focused on modern and design forward products from black-owned businesses. While the discovery process of some of their favorite products was always an exciting one, they felt strongly that there’s no reason why these products are consistently being discovered when they should be household names. So, they said let’s create the place we want to shop. 

Surrounded by entrepreneurs in our own lives, we’re firm believers in investing in our creatives, our communities, and creating legacy. We have the products you see on Post 21, and use them in our own lives. Candles that light up and spread smell good through our home. Dolls our children play with and see themselves in. Products we recommend and gift our friends and family.


What’s in a Name?

Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Greenwood District was one of the United States’ most prosperous Black communities until May 31, 1921, when 35 city blocks were set on fire killing 300 people and injuring 800. The innovative, sophisticated, and game changing ideas of “Black Wall Street” entrepreneurs, a drive that cannot ever be burned down or driven out, continues to live in Black entrepreneurs today.

We see today, and every day since May 31,1921 as Post 1921. Standing on the shoulders of those who have come before us, we are ready to do what we have traditionally done – in a new and exciting way!


A Word from our Founders

“Post21 is so important to me.  As a little girl growing up in the Jefferson Park area of Los Angeles, I worked with my dad in his store. Supporting our community was all I knew. My pediatrician and dentist were black, my father’s accountant and lawyer were black, we banked at Bank of Finance, black owned. We went to Marine Cleaners, Big Loaf Bakery, and House of Dimes Tacos, all black owned.

In creating Post21 it was important to not only fill a gap for consumers, but also build entrepreneurs. The best part is, I get to do this with my daughter – I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Juana Williams, Co-Founder


“I have a whole family, and I’m buying things for us constantly. In my search to find my passion I realized I needed to just create the place I wanted to shop. It needed to express that we are not monolithic and be presented in a way that we had not seen before.

This is important to me because my grandfather was an entrepreneur. He owned several businesses in his community and provided for his family. The tradition of building community was instilled in me, and I must pass that to my children.  It’s my turn to take that model to another level and execute what that means for me.”

Blair Paysinger, Co-Founder 


Community and Family is Everything